Republic Day of India

A few headlines in the local papers in Kashmir as Republic Day of India approached last year…

21st January 2006

  • Government has failed to protect human rights: Sagar. (Nothing new for Kashmiris whose human rights have been battered and bruised over the years.)
  • Srinagar Under siege for R-day parade. (Kashmiris are used to it for the last 18 years now.)

22nd January 2006

  • 13 arrested in valley. (Many more not even counted.)
  • Maulvi’s arrest spark protests in Batamaloo. (…and the protestors are beaten up and they call it democracy.)

23rd January 2006

  • JK turns into fortress as R-day nears. (Some claim it is for the security of the public. We ask, why not such security for the entire year then?)

24th January 2006

  • Shift the venue. (For the ‘supposed’ celebrations?)
  • We have brought Peace to Kashmir: PM. (But the human rights violations continue, so do the unabated killings.)
  • Hizb, Hurriyat call for strike on January 26. (Nothing new – curfew , hartal, another sit-at-home day for Kashmiris.)

25th January 2006

  • Short of Public, Government seeks employees in stadium. (Seek or force?)
  • R-day measures hit livelihood of many. (Republic Day, Independence Day, hartals, crackdowns…and the list continues.)
  • 70 held. (Makes it 83 officially.)
  • Frisking of women introduced in valley. (We have new developments…)

26th January 2006

  • 1 held for resisting frisking of women. (You raise your voice and you are in too… 84)
  • When will our plight end ask Haftchinar residents. ( Hosting security forces in their houses, uninvited though! )
  • Women shocked over first tryst with roadside frisking. (Shocked – resist and you go in too, raise your voice you are dead! – national media sleeps as usual. )
  • 100 held in Jammu on R-day eve. ( 184 and the count is ticking. )
  • Curfew like situation in Kashmir. ( Every year! )

These were the headlines in Kashmir on the eve of Republic Day of India last year. Wondering why you never heard of any such thing through the zillion news channels, newspapers, and radio stations of India?Frisking

If you are really wondering, then you are amongst those who see Kashmir as it is projected to you. The reality is far away from you and you far away from its essence. 184 arrested in a span of less than seven days. And you probably think all 184 are terrorists?

For all the Indians Republic Day is a day to celebrate, watch the parade live or on TV, attend a flag hoisting function, and enjoy the day off from work. What does it signify for a Kashmiri?

Deserted roads, raids, cordons, house arrest and frisking at every half a mile. In short, disruption of normal life, humiliation and helplessness for the people. All this for an hour long parade to take place in Bakshi stadium. And guess who attends it? The Chief Minister, his ministry and the performers. Not to forget, hundreds of Indian armed forces who permanently reside in the stadium.

The common people in Kashmir have nothing to do with any of these days which the Indians celebrate. However for India to claim that Kashmiri is an integral part of India and portray Kashmiris as pro-Indian, the celebrations for these two occasions have to be held, no matter how much security force deployment it takes and how much trouble it causes to the public. They need to be taped and shown to the entire nation and to the entire world and claim that Kashmir is moving towards normality.

The whole aura of tension spans over a week leading to R-day. If you happen to roam around in the city during that week, I am sure you will leave the city the same day. You will be frisked at ever nook and corner of the city. If you are traveling in a bus or car, you will be stopped after every half a mile, asked to come down, join a queue, show your identity, get yourself checked and then board the same bus another half a kilometer away. No matter how many times you go through this, it won’t be enough for them.

“Government has failed to protect human right” comments Sagar, ex-minister. I have been hearing the same thing for the past 18 years, which forms a considerable part of my lifetime. Every year it’s the same ordeal on Republic and Independence Day of India. The whole city is in siege. There is frisking at every nook and corner. Normal life comes to halt more than a week before this day.

Frisking Women

I read claims by people that the security deployment during this time is for the “security” of the people who are ironically suffering as a result of the deployment. The well known “Bakshi stadium” is the only place in the city where Republic Day is celebrated. The whole area is under siege more than a week before Republic Day. The residents of the nearby locality are under house arrest. Security forces occupy the top floors of residential houses to secure the ministers who are coming to attend the parade. Not even a fly can pass that area, not to talk about local people. Last year someone was denied to cross a bridge around that area to attend a funeral. They were left waiting till afternoon and by the time they reached their destination the last rights of the deceased had already been performed. In certain far off places, people have been forced to hoist Indian flags on their cycles and buses. Army patrols at the end of an election day to check the mark on the fingers of the locals. They are lucky if they have it, and if they don’t they have a terrible fate! Government employees are forced to attend the parade to add to the public attendance to be captured on video. It reminds me of election days where government employees were forced to go to polling booths against their will and perform their duty lest they would lose their jobs.

The country that calls itself democratic has snatched away the basic rights of people. You have to walk, drive, and talk according to the wishes of the army. If you don’t listen, they have enough laws at their disposal to arrest you and declare you as a threat to the security of the nation.

Every year the residents around the stadium raise voice against their sufferings. But no one cares, no one listens. All these headlines appear in the local papers and not a single makes way to the national media. All that makes its way to the national media are the pictures and the videos of Republic Day parade which is presented to be held with enthusiasm and fervor. But mind you, only inside the stadium.

The post Republic Day ‘celebration’ for the people of Kashmir is reflected in the following newspaper headlines.
27th January 2006

  • What death means on R-day. (Death – a daily term for a Kashmiri, on Republic Day it has a new twist.)
  • Kashmir a ghost valley on R-day. ( Ghost = security forces roaming around the streets )

28th January 2006

  • January 26 Strike an eye opener. (To whom? The national media portrayed something different though. )

This year it is going to be no different. Nothing is going to change, No one is going to celebrate Republic Day of India, but Republic Day of India is going to be celebrated in Kashmir! Yes inside Bakshi stadium – mind you with full fervor and enthusiasm!

Headlines and Photo courtesy : Greater Kashmir

24 Responses

  1. I feel sorry for the plight of the people during the run up to national festivals. But dont feel alone, all around in india the situation is quite the same though in kashmir it is more grave. We are also frisked now and then and our trains are stopped arbitrarily and we are sniffed by dogs (I always fear what shall happen if it accidentally barks near me). But at the end of the day i feel that it is better than being blown up by some bomb. At least my security is not violated and i feel safer after the search is over.
    The security is obviously high near these day because these days the state is most vulnerable as ppl attack great symbolic significance to these days and the values the nation stands for and this democracy and many want to shatter the peace around these days. These security measures have gradually built up. For instance the trains were targeted before during the days near the independence day so now we have frisking of trains. The security agencies will be blamed for slack security during these days if the vigil is not maintained that tightly. It is a bad dilemma as if the security agencies protect then they are accused of human right violation. I feel work needs to be done on both sides. The citizens should perceive security agencies as their own protecting them and the security agencies should see the people as their own who must be treated with all respect and honour.

  2. It is ironic that those who killed and drove out Pundits like me from our homes are piqued on being frisked. Cut the melodrama dear. You guys wanted Kashmir for yourself and now you have it.

    I really feel frustrated by the leniency shown by Indian Army towards these animals. These fellows never thought of human rights when they were building their “nizam-e-mustafa” by killing and torturing pundits. Now that they have succeeded in eliminating all Pundits from the valley, they are suddenly remembering human rights!

  3. Ramesh I feel sorry for you. With people like your thinking there is no dialog possible.

    This blog is for those to read who believe in human rights for all Humans irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Not for those who consider human being animals.

  4. Thanks Z for reminding me that this blog believes in human rights of all “humans”. I guess in your dictionary ‘kafirs’ don’t count as humans that’s why they were butchered and drove out of Kashmir. Have you or your freedom fighters ever tried to find out whatever happened to your neighbors next door who were not Muslims? Don’t you feel ashamed using high sounding words like “irrespective of caste, creed or religion”, when you very well know the truth?

  5. I am feeling very bad when i think about the people of kashmir.. i think now th e time has come were in india can come out and try to remoe all kinds of baariers.. it is vry hard for a normal person who is kashmir to live such a life.. from the security point of view it is very much necessar to keep these kinds of checks but for a noraml indiviual this is an insult and it also hurts very much…

    They are also people same like us.. as here in cities we dont like to tolerate police even for few second. hw can some one tolerate security forces.. i was very much shocked while i was reading this article..

  6. Ramesh, I am talking about those people who had nothing to do with what happened in the 90’s. Just because there was injustice then doesn’t mean that we should stop talking about what is happening now . And you cannot blame each and every Kashmiri Muslim for it. Everytime some Kashmiri raises a voice against injustice and against human rights violations, there are some Pundits, who completely ignore this present plight ( in some cases also justify the killing of innocents ) and talk about their exodus. It was wrong, accepted! But I am sorry I cannot close my eyes to what is happening around me NOW!

    The present plight of Kashmiri people is so much hidden from the entire world that someone has to speak about it. If everyone talks about what happened in the 90’s ( which by the way includes butchering of innocent non-kafirs as well by the Indian “security” forces ),then who will raise a voice for these innocent people. Some of them were not even born at the time when Pundit exodus happened.

    Frankly this blog is for people who see this issue without any bias of cast, creed or religion. These are not high sounding words, this is the truth. And if you cannot understand the purpose of this blog, then you yourself cannot see beyond these high sounding words, and I don’t need to say who should be ashamed.

  7. Thank you Hitesh for understanding my point… there are not many out there like you.

  8. “Ramesh, I am talking about those people who had nothing to do with what happened in the 90’s. Just because there was injustice then doesn’t mean that we should stop talking about what is happening now . And you cannot blame each and every Kashmiri Muslim for it.”

    I am also not talking just about anyone. I am talking of those people whom I thought were my close friends. People with whom I grew up playing, quarrelling and then making up. In the early 1992, on one winter morning, when I saw one such friend coming to my house, I thought he was coming for a cup of tea. Till then I had little knowledge of poisonous philosophy of Islam that teaches Muslims to kill the unbelievers wherever they find them.

    Today in my prayers to God, I ask only one thing: bring as much suffering and humiliation on kashmiri Muslims as they brought on us. When politicians approach us for vote, we tell them that we do not want any help from you. Our votes will go only to that party which can assure us that there will be no reduction in army presence in Kashmir. I want to see Kashmir burning — forever.

  9. You still have little knowledge of the philosophy of Islam, because you are going by the actions of Muslims ( which may or may not reflect the real teachings of Islam ) rather than real knowledge of the religion. Don’t blame the religion because of people who take its teachings and mold it the way they want to, just to prove themselves right.

    Other than that, you can continue your prayers and I will continue to speak against what I think is unjust and inhumane.

    If you cannot think along the lines of this blog, its better you do not read it, and most importantly try to prove it wrong. Because there still are people out there looking for the truths of Kashmir which are very intelligently hidden by the Indian media and politicians. I am sure everybody out there does not think like you.

    Bye and good luck with your prayers.

  10. Well,if you sin in do life, some day or the other comes to haunt you.

    Thats whats happening to the common Kashmiri now. No one would forget what happened 19 years ago. Hundreds of people were killed and driven out of the valley, out of their very homes, where they had spent their entire lives. What about the human rights violations that happened then? I would say that now Kashmiris are just eating the fruits of a tree which they themselves harvested.

  11. Ramesh, OK. Let us say Kashmir is just Hindu-Muslim dispute. Now would you please tell me why ULFA or Manipur or Tripura National Volunteers want to be independent of India? All three of them are Hindu dominated, aren’t they? Are those also Hindu-Muslim dispute?

    If anything Indian government knows to perform exceptionally well, it is PR. In the eyes of the world, they have converted a nationalist movement into a sectarian dispute.

  12. No one is denying that Human Rights violation happened 19 years ago, the whole world knows about it. Not that the world knowing has helped any of the Kashmiri Pundits, they are still suffering from the exile.

    But what is the problem when the suffering of common kashmiri is brought forward? Why, instead of accepting there is injustice and oppression in Kashmir now, we are made to go back to the past everytime, as if we should just talk about that and forget what is happening around us, when we ourselves are the victims this time?

    No one will forget that , true , very true. That is because this event is known to each and every Indian. But what is happening in Kashmir this time, no one even knows to remember or to forget it in later years. Infact those who know about it ( like you do ) are happy with the suffering.

    It is just a few handful who know what their supposed “security forces” are doing in Kashmir. And when the truth is exposed with blogs like this, you always drag it back to the Human Rights violation 19 years ago. Do you even know what happened after you left? Have you ever heard of the massacres that were done so openly? There were bodies floating in Jehlum. And yes, we should close our eyes to what happened then and what is happening now, isn’t that a great advice?

    “The injustice done then is what is haunting a common Kashmiri”. I would say that is just covering up the murderers roaming around in the streets of Kashmir in army uniform.

    There was hue and cry when Jash-ne-Azadi was screened. And I see the same sentiments reflected here. When someone asked, why isn’t Kashmiri Pundit plight highlighted in the movie, there was a very sincere and straight answer.

    “Where was this question when the plight of Pundits was being talked about and the suffering of the Muslims was being covered up by the Indian media?”

    A question that made the entire room silent.

  13. Ramesh,
    You should ask all these questions to Jagmohan. He is the one who drove you out of Kashmir inorder to perpetuate genocide in Kashmir more freely against muslims. Militants even killed muslim informers and not only pandits mind you.

  14. @Shafat:

    “You should ask all these questions to Jagmohan. He is the one who drove you out of Kashmir inorder to perpetuate genocide in Kashmir more freely against muslims.”

    Shafat, only those will fall for this argument who have not seen it with their own eyes. I know pretty well the name, the face and in fact entire genealogy of the person who drove me out. And let me tell you that he was not Jagmohan.


    “Now would you please tell me why ULFA or Manipur or Tripura National Volunteers want to be independent of India? All three of them are Hindu dominated, aren’t they? Are those also Hindu-Muslim dispute?”

    I never claimed that there no criminals among Hindus. Groups you mentioned are just that – gang of criminals who extort money from people in the name of independence movement.


    “Where was this question when the plight of Pundits was being talked about and the suffering of the Muslims was being covered up by the Indian media?”

    Because the two of them are unrelated. When plight of pundits was being talked about at that time muslims were not the sufferers. OTOH, they were gloating over our misfortune. I have heard it from my own ears. They were hoping to bring nizam-e-mustafa just the next day and complete the routing of pundits.

  15. Ramesh,

    Again you are generalizing the entire population for the people you encountered during that time.

    The massacres that happened just after Pundits left are not unrelated – they were carried out after you left and not before; just to make sure the ones butchered are “Muslims”
    only. Those killings are not unrelated to the shifting out of the Kashmiri Pundits.

    The question here is about the plight of Kashmiris who are suffering since then. The voice raised here is for the innocents who are tortured day in an day out. The kids who have been orphaned, the widows, the mothers who have lost her sons to forced disappearances, custodial killings and fake encounters. The families who have lost their sole bread winner to the rage and indiscipline of the Indian “security forces” who are given a free hand in Kashmir. Who arrest and kill people to add to their medallions.

    And if you think I should sit down and take it all as the fruit of the tree someone else harvested, I am sorry you are mistaken. The wrong that is happening around me has to be fought against. People outside Kashmir should know what is happening here, so that they know the reality behind their so called democratic and incredible India.

    While I do that, you can sit, gloat and pray for the suffering of the Kashmiri people to continue. I cannot stop you from doing that and I would appreciate if you do not stop me from doing what is right.

  16. The root cause of Kashmir problem (and also the world) is the hate philosophy preached by Islam.

    I had never studied Quran and Hadeeth before being driven out of valley. My idea of Islam was what we learnt in school through sufi stories. After being bitten by Islamic fanaticism, I myself read Quran and Hadeeth and realized that as long as there are such philosophies that promise their believers confirmed ticket to jannat as a sawaab for killing non-believers, there cannot be any peace possible — neither in Kashmir nor anywhere in the world. Today I wish that I had read Islamic literature earlier. At least we would have been prepared.

    As I browse through world news section, my conclusion only gets confirmed. There is absolutely not a single place in the world where Muslims have learnt to live peacefully with non-Muslims. Mind you, not a single exception to this rule. Quite frankly, we pundits were fools to think that Kasmiriyat would supercede this rule.

  17. No religion teaches violence, and if you read Quran without the pre-conceived notions and bias in your mind, then probably you will get essence of what it teaches.

    People mold the verses of Quran to serve their interests and to justify their actions, doesn’t mean that Quran teaches that.

    I don’t believe that you have read the Quran and the hadees, or about the life of the Prophet like you should have – read and most importantly ‘understood’ – If you would have, I would have seen a different opinion about Islam from your side. All I can do is to suggest to read it with an open mind and get answers to doubts which you have from proper Islamic sources.

    If you don’t, your opinion about Muslims in general and Kashmiri Muslims in particular will stay the same. If you think that your interpretation of the Quran and the hadees is the correct one, then there is nothing I or someone else can do about it.

  18. I read Yusuf Ali translation of Quran and Mohsin Khan translation of Sahih al-Bukhari, which I am told are the most accurate translations. After reading them if anyone says that Islam does not preach hatred and violence against non-Muslims, then he is being intellectually dishonest. It is not just at one place that you could ignore it as a digression. It is recurring theme in Quran that asks Muslims to hate non-believers – just like Allah does – and kill them (as if Allah himself was unable to do it by himself and needed an army of hate mongers).

  19. I am not a scholar, so may be if I try to explain things to you in my words, I might misquote or err in passing on the correct explanation of the Quran and the Sunnah. But I got an article on the web, which pretty much talks about the same verse you are probably referring to – where Muslims are asked to kill non-Muslims and you just go by the literal translation of the verse, without knowing the context and the related verses for the situation elsewhere in the Quran. If you have time you can read it.

    If everyone understood the real Islam, then you would not see so much hatred against it everywhere. Its amazing a single bad thing that a Muslim does is highlighted in the media whereas the good things which Muslims do and are doing are never highlighted. Part of the hate propaganda against Islam which is very much visible in the western media and now India is no exception.

    You can read it here (

    All I can do is to redirect you to sources of reading that can give you better understanding of the religion ( Allah willing ). But if you are hell bent on Islam bashing, then I am sorry that won’t be tolerated here. I don’t want to digress from the basic purpose of this blog.

  20. Thanks for the link. It is more in line with the politically correct NCERT version of Islam we were taught in school. The ground reality though is very different now. It is not the non-Muslims who need to be coached in this version of Islam, rather Muslims themselves. I can post you numerous links from, and to show you that Muslims themselves do not accept this interpretation.

  21. Ramesh Good discussion. Yes Kashmir is a Mess. But as Ramesh points out: without exception all areas that have large muslim populations have problems, so do areas which have fundamentalist religious populations of any religion. Being frisked for security reasons is valid wehter you are man, woman or a child. People who kill people (the terrorists) kills innocent people, children, women off al religions whom they aee as hostile to their cause. Yes, many Muslim Kashmiri’s might not like the Indian Republic day parades, as they want to be a Muslim state (Independent or Pakistani) and countries like India, United States and the other democracies or secular countries are seen as the Infidel by them because of religious brainwashing.

    Islam which is the most visible religion, a lot of whose adherents are fundamentalist, has created a lot of problems the world over. The mixing of religion and government do not go well with our modern, democratic sensibilities and the “Live and let Live,” philosophy.

    The only other philosophy which is not religious and leads to such actions is communism, as is practiced by countries like China. Where homogeneous populations make it easier for the power brokers to rule. China claims every region bordering it was part of some greater China, and all people with slanted eyes or mongoloid features should be part of China.

    But I have to agree with Ramesh on the fact of Islam. In Saudi Arabia for example kids are taught to hate non-believers, even their laws reflect the fact that non-Muslims or Kafirs, are less human than Muslims. In a majority of Muslim countries, minorities have no rights and religious expression and freedom are discouraged and voilently put down.

    Throughout history, Muslim invaders more so than other conquerors have destroyed local cultures, peoples, forced conversion, destroyed temples, shrines and thought it their god given right and religious duty to do so. In all other religions, where people have committed atrocities (Like Christianity) driven by religious zeal have evolved and majority of the countries that are Christian have adopted Secular Democracies that have evolved over time and have been evolving. Islam is the only religion that has not evolved from the middle ages when it came into being to unite the barbarian tribes of Arabia.

    Yes, I agree with Z that all religions at the core preach the same thing, and they are means to reach a higher plane or god. Intellectuals understand this but common people need the trappings that surround the core message. It is these common people who are dangerous and perpetrate violence in the name of the religion.

    India is a secular democracy, Muslims in India for Civil Cases can follow sharia. For criminal cases the common law applies. I do not know of any Muslim country where Hindus can practice their religion openly without fear of persecution. The Indian government does not consist of only Hindu’s but consists of people of all religious backgrounds including Muslims, Christians and other minorities in prominent positions. Manmohan Singh comes from the Sikh minority which is less than 4% of India’s population, I would say you cannot point to a single Muslim country whose head of state is from a minoritiy non-Muslim background.

    So before jumping up and down and saying Hindu’s persecute Muslims in India, one should see the facts. As for states wanting to split up from India: I personally feel that the Indian government and the Hindu majority in India are SOFT and WEAK and so is the middle class. Try secession in China, Pakistan, or any muslim country and see the result. The revolt would be put down voilently with massive human rights abuses. Yes, states want to split from India as the Indian government, its politicians are corrupt and the federal structure does not work for the benefit of all people of India….it works only for the politicians, their friends and the rich (As in every third world country). These ethnic minorities do not get enough money for development or resources.

    They do not want to split because of religious persecution, but for economic suppression and neglect by the government which not only has failed them, but a majority of the population as well over the last 50 years.

    So, to Ramesh’s point, Muslim rulers by a huge margin, throughout history, have perpetrated ethnic cleansing, repression of minorities, religious persecution. This has not changed even today, and is driven by religious dogma, the rights of women in muslim countries are dismal, religious freedom is dismal, so is the freedom of speech. Which in India: Imam Bukhari can stand in the Jama Masjid in Delhi (the capital) and can openly preach sedition and support of muslim fundamentalists to his congregation (which you cannot do even in the US).

    The new “One world, Islam is a religion of Peace,” is adopted by a lot of Muslims post of 911 and the acts of terrorists which many in the Muslim world sympathized with. Now since the light is being shined on them many feel they are caught in the spotlight. Deep down most of them think, like most common followers of any religion, they have the exclusive monopoly on the truth, they are the only ones going to heaven. The danger how ever is that a lot of them believe they can do this through violence.

  22. Again I just have to say that media everywhere just focuses on the fundamentalists of Islam. Never do they focus or highlight the positive side of Muslims. I know of Islamic Relief organisations who sponsor orphans irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. Yes, they sponsor Hindus. The actual rules of Islam give freedom of practising to every person, be the person Muslim or Hindu. Just because it is not being practised does not mean that the religion is wrong. The people who implement it in a wrong way are wrong.

    Just like the Indian Army, supposed to protect us are involved in Human Rights abuses, rapes, torture, killings – does that mean the actual standard laid by the army allows or permits them to do so? No it doesn’t , but the implementation is wrong. The media is hell bent on proving that Islam is an extremist religion, and so is the India media. But this same media feels no shame in hiding what people in Kashmir have to go through. How many innocents have been killed , are languishing in jails, are tortured and abused every second in Kashmir. Indians have been brainwashed to believe that it is the terrorists who kill innocent and civilians in kashmir and the army is trying to protect them. You are again one of the brainwashed people, to whom the truth has not reached till now. And with the close mindedness and the preconceived ideas about Islam – this curtain that is hiding the truth from you will stay there.

    Regarding proclaiming that Islam is a religion of Peace, it was a religion of peace 1400 years ago, just that the media stereotype had to be openly fought after 911. Islam itself means “peace” and “submission to Allah’s will”. So it is not a new concept that Muslims created after 911. And Islam is not one of the religions that changes according to the whims and pleasures of the people following it. It is meant to be for all ages since it is the word of God. Islam gave Women rights 1400 years ago whereas they never existed in the western world till 1800’s. Just because people are uneducated and illilerate about the same, does not mean that the rights don’t exist. There is wisdom in each right, but in todays world when dressing in two bare pieces of cloth is considered to be her freedom what more can you say other than that they are being exploited in the name of their freedom and there is decrease of moral values everywhere in the name of freedom?

    If India is a democratic country, where people can wear anything they want. why would me wearing the purdah for the sake of my religion be considered as opression and not as my freedom or chosing what I have to wear? Why do people have double standards? Just because this is another area where they can start religion bashing. Why should I dress the way someone else wants me to? Why should I not dress the way I feel comfortable?

    I guess I am going off topic – but just went through your post in a hurry and wrote for whatever I could absorb from your ideas.

  23. For All:
    Today was my first day on this blog. There are lots of opinions on Kashmir, Muslims, Hindus and finally the sting goes to Islam.

    Kashmir for me is …. Mismanagement by Indian Government, which in turn exploited by Pakistan Government. Religion comes later, first is LAND. Humanity comes later, Religion first. The dogmas of Clergys & Politicians. Confusing.

    Where muslim exist, Nowhere is peace
    Is it Islam, or the followers is to be seen.

    Voilence everywhere, where there are muslims is true, but no one would like to know the source. This topic demands a lot of time. sometime later.

    Let me tell you there is no country in the world, which is Islamic. Most of Gulf countries or So called Muslim countires are Monarchy or run by clergys/politicians giving it the mask of democracy. T minorities are Asians there. ASIANs, not hindus or christians or muslims. All have the same status, minorities.

    Islam has been mis-intrepreted, mis-translated by many. I dont want to go in details, if you are interested, please visit & &

    As for Kashmir, I know about the massacres of the Pundits as well as the treatment of Muslims and I condemn both. Unfortunate why common people are so easily influenced by their leaders/politicians and do horrible things. Why doesnt Humanity takes first place rather than religion or color. Unfortunate.

    Revenge is sweet so they say. Revenge brings hatred, hatred sows the seed of ignorance, the fruits reaped are blindness to injustice, irrespective.

    Media and History are inter linked and what i see or hear today in the news and historical archives, it becomes difficult to accept it. History is His Story i.e. the story of the victorious. Unreliable. only the events can be accepts and not the hows and whys of that event.

    The answer to Kashmir problem is UNITY among all people of Kashmir. Free elections, making it an autonomous region and supported (not interefered) by both Indians & Pakistanis.

    Separate Independance is no answer as retaliation from both sides will occur, which will be harmful for Kashmiris. Making it and autonomous region and let both countries peacekeeping force remain to monitor peace.

    I just hope that All humans, irrespective, live together in peace. seems impossible, not in my life. but shouldnt we strive for that.

    I will end it here as it is becoming too big to read.


  24. […] Kashmir view from 2007 […]

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