The model who was left limping…

Tariq Dar (

I was amazed to see the news on Rediff regarding the model Tariq Dar who was arrested in Bangladesh on the pretext of being a RAW agent and then arrested in India on the pretext of being an LeT Millitant. Tortured and interrogated to the core, he was finally released with a paralyzed foot.

I read the news a few days ago on Greater Kashmir:

It was good to see that the gross human rights violations in his case was atleast acknowledged by the national media. However this acknowledgement forms only a meagre percentage of the actual violations that take place in Kashmir. I was still getting over the surprise of seeing this news on Rediff when the comments section somehow grabbed my attention. I went through most of them.

Well if these comments reflect the opinion of the majority of people in India, then I should not be amazed why the lakhs of deaths….thousands of disappearances…fake encounters…custodial killings…the pathetic and sorry state of hundreds of Kashmiris languishing in the Indian jails does not even send one shiver down their spines. No wonder they do not do anything about it. No wonder any innocent tagged as a terrorist and killed gives them a satisfaction that they and their country are safe from the “terrorists”. They do not care if an innocent individual is killed – after all it is all about the safety of the country.

However I brushed through some sane comments as well. Some people who saw this as a gross human rights violation, who acknowledged the need to put aside religion and the “kashmiri = terrorism” assumption aside. .. some people who value a single human life. Who realise that they could be in the same state someday if they do not raise their voice against such brutal acts.

This is not just one story from Kashmir. Another carpenter was killed and labelled as a foreign millitant and buried. Numerous other such cases have been identified. Bodies are to be exhumed. The culprits are to be punished, atleast that is what the government claims everytime. However, justice is something which perhaps stays outside the mountains of the valley of Kashmir. Its entry in Kashmir requires the conscience of many people to wake up!

Some people talk about how terrorists should be dealt with – since they are a threat to the nation – the same people do not speak a word when an innocent Kashmiri dies – the same people do not care about the human rights violations in the state. Is this lack of concern because they think every Kashmiri is terrorist, or because the Kashmiri who got killed was a Muslim?

Or is it they are totally indifferent to such atrocities committed on innocent civilians – they do not care as long as it does not concern their family, friends or their loved ones. The other thinking which possibly leads to this indiffernce is the fact that the people of Kashmir are fighting against the Indian rule. So these people most of the times completely ignorant of the history of Kashmir, failing to see the events that led to the present situation claim that Kashmir is an integral part of India and as such any individual who does not accept this deserves to be punished. “If Kashmiris are not happy to be with India, they can leave Kashmir and go whereever they want to”, a statement that I have heard from numerous Indians…..makes me laugh…..clearly shows the lack of concern for the people and the importance of the piece of land called Kashmir.

And the sad story of deaths and torture in Kashmir continues…