Long Time!

Its been long since I wrote something.

I visit my blog to see the pic of Tariq Dar yet again! I hope he recovered from his foot paralysis. He flashed into the news, and then disappeared somewhere. Hope he is getting to live in peace wherever he is, since in Kashmir, once being tagged would mean trouble from the army and police for ever. Doesn’t matter if you are innocent.

I got busy with I don’t know what. People get busy, but the onus of letting people know the reality of Kashmir still hovers around me. I stopped reading GK, and as such sealed away from my only source of news from Kashmir. Reasons for that are multiple.

Is it the melancholy of the news that stops me from reading it and getting depressed? I guess not! This is because when I read such news, I get the push to make it known to more and more people, to get the truth out from Kashmir to more people. Not that they are going to help Kashmiris in any way! But still, may be writing out just relieves my heart. I always believe that Kashmiris protest for any untoward incident that happens to any Muslim around the world, but when it comes to Kashmir, no one rises up to protest for our sake. May be that is because of the media in India, which does not expose the real face of Kashmir to the world. Or just because the whole word is in a political and military mess and everyone is hemmed in by their own troubles.

The other reason why I stopped reading GK was probably the kind of articles that appeared in it a few months ago. May be that just triggered it and pulled me back from once being a regular reader of the newspaper.

Whatever it is, something is holding my hands from typing in here. But I will be back InshahAllah and I hope other Kashmiri bloggers will as well.

Revival is necessary. Yembarzal is also on its way, so should we.

Hail !


5 Responses

  1. Welcome back!

  2. Zarafshan,

    Only the other day I was wondering about Yembarzal. Good to see the Work in Progress sign. In fact, seeing this sign my mind goes back to those golden (pre-1987) days when PWD used to put up signs on road. Men At Work. I guess those were the first lessons in English, for me from my dad. Oh! I miss my Kashmir.

    I was really moved by your lines – we protest for any untoward incident where our fellow Muslims are affected and yet no one seems to have any feelings for our sufferings. A real shame.

    Juz A Kashmiri

  3. The point is that should we be protesting for our fellows Muslim`s casue if
    we wish they should return the favour ?

  4. What I mean that the protest should be something along these lines:

    “If anyone sees a wrong let him change it with his hands,
    If he cannot then let him change it with his voice,
    If he cannot let him hate it ( the wrong ) in his heart,
    And beyond that there is no faith.”

    Muhammad ( PBUH )

    Raising a voice is important, but that does not mean that we have to close down businesses, shops, schools and waste our time sitting idle at home and watching cricket matches instead. We can protest in different ways, and be productive at the same time. How have the numerous hartals helped us all these years? We are at loss ourselves, not to talk about helping out the issue the protest is for.

    And the fact remains that even the Indian Muslims have no idea regarding the plight of the people of Kashmir and thinking that the real plight would be known to the rest of the Muslims of the world seems like a distant dream.

    It is interesting that the commitment to protest has not faded away, the commitment to close down everything and call a strike has not faded away, but the commitment to the real basics of Islam, for which we are protesting in reality has really faded away over all these years. What is the use of such protests when we are not even adhering to the basic principles of the religion? Doesn’t it sometime appear to be only for show? Don’t we all know how hollow we are in terms of applying Islam to our day to day lives?

    I guess that is a totally different topic now. Just some chain of thoughts that came to my mind after reading your comment.

  5. you are right…
    It`s important to protest…to ensure that what happens occasionally today does not happen frequently tomorrow. To let people around us know that other`s lives can never be used as a leverage to achieve ones avaricious goals.

    But when we do protest, first thing…we should at least know what we are actually protesting for!
    More often that not our protests are incited by a demagogue who goads people into whatever direction he wishes to fulfill goals only he knows.

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