Time for the Independence Day Of India!

Looks like army is working hard to have Indian Media show that all is well in Kashmir and people are celebrating Independence day of India!

I had heard about people being forced to hoist an Indian flag, but this time some people are getting business out of it! Atleast India is helping in some way!

Between this wasn’t one of the drafts I was talking about earlier, those will follow soon ! This was just need of the hour post! Who knows whose conscience wakes up with this!

Here is a news column from GK :

Hoisting tri-colour imperative on commuters’ vehicles


Handwara, Aug 13: Cloth merchants and tailors are doing brisk business as the demand for tri-colour is increasing with August 15 nearing and each flag is sold between Rs 10-Rs 20.
The spurt in demand is due to overt diktat of Army to public to hoist tri-colour on their vehicles.
“I have sold 200 tricolours during past two days and the demand seems to be increasing as 15th August is approaching,” said Nisar Ahmad, a tailor.
According to commuters moving on Handwara-Varmul route, soldiers at different villages of Handwara and Varmul are leaving no stone un-turned for making sure that commuters hoist a tri colour atop their vehicles ahead of 15th August.
The entire Handwara town wears a tri-colour look as flags are placed atop shops, buses, tippers, cars, tongas, scooters, cycles and even on hand carts.
Commuters alleged that they are being ordered to hoist tri-colours by 30 RR Langate camp, 21 RR posted at Handwara and 33 RR Magam camp.
“I was stopped at three places from Varmul to Handwara by troops for not hoisting tri colour. I was first stopped at Ladoora, Chotipora and then at Langate by troops for not hoisting tri colour on my scooter,” said Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Varmul.
“Our bus was stopped by Army at Ladoora for half an hour for not hoisting tri-colour,” said Irshad Ahmad, a commuter.
Meanwhile, police, paramilitary troops and army has intensified search operations in the north Kashmir townships of Handwara, Sopur, Bandipore ,Kupwara and Varmul.
Army has laid cordon in forest area of Kupwara, Lolab, Rajwar and Handwara. People living near forest areas are ordered not to step out from their homes in the late hours particularly from 7 PM.
Army and police has set up new barricades at different intersections of Handwara, Kupwara and Sopur and are ordering passengers, men women and even school children to get down from vehicles and stand in queues for identification parade. Traffic on busy roads is coming to halt leading to massive traffic chaos.


3 Responses

  1. Good to see the local shopkeepers making some money.

  2. Half the glass is full 🙂

  3. This post made some people call me a traitor. The conscience waking up did not work, eh?

    May be I should have added the news containing molestation bid by army, unwarranted killings and harassing of people. Or the tragic stories of thousands of Kashmiri families, thanks to the Indian army.

    But then I should be a fan of Indian army for all the torture me and my fellow Kashmiris have to face – lest I be called a traitor. Yeah right!

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