10 years…and no sign!

While talking to a friend today, I got reminded of asking him for an email id of his relative. While figuring out how we knew the same person, my friend mentioned that her father was one of the mystery people. By mystery people Kashmiris mean those people who mysteriously vanished.

Her father had gone to the mosque to pray. But he never returned.

I cannot even fathom the grief, sadness, anger, frustration of the family. You suddenly lose a family member. No, its not death that takes the family member away. Its a mystery. There is no dead body, there is no burial to make the relatives and his near and dear ones believe that the person is no more. But there is this endless wait, which is more than death to the people alive.

But there is a ray of hope, may be he is alive, somewhere, in some corner of this world. But this hope fades away with each day of wait.

I try to imagine, but I cannot. This is not the story of one Kashmiri, such stories are not uncommon. Ask the parents of the disappeared, their kith and kin, they will tell you what it feels like to live a life of uncertainity and loneliness.

Perhaps writing about this is easier than imagining how it feels to live like that. I have no more words.


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