“Mehuz chu ghasan pheel”

Author : Cousin of friend…

It is best to hear it in person. Writing does not give the “pheel” of this story/poem.

Whatever it is, enjoy!

This is a mother telling her two kids a story called:

“Mehuz chu ghasan pheel”

Mother: Akh aus aasan zanaan
Temis aus assan makaan
Makaan us muz aus temis bachch
Bachch aus khewan very much

Kya Aus Karan Bachch?

Kid1: Bachch aus khewan very much!
Kids chorus: Much, Much, Much, Bachch aus kewan much!

Mother: Aa, gubur. Weun boze bey.
Yim bachch ye aus khewan much
Timen Mauj aus heshnawun sachch.
Dappan aus, “Myon bachch. Humaish gus wannun sachch.
Sachch seuth chu gassan dil saaph
Bey Khudah Sehb chu karan gunaahun maaph.

Kya Aus Heshan Bachch?

Kid1: Bachch aus heshan sachch!
Kids chorus: Sachch, Sachch, Sachch, Bach aus heshan Sachch!

Mother: Akh leyten aus gharas muz bachch alone
Ekotey aus tim gindun, yel aa hus phone

(in loud voice):

Hatah gubur myon!
Bu chuz chyon maaj sin wyas—
Prone, ha, prone!
Mey chu wannun temis daleel
Magar temis ma ghas ha pheel? (Pause)

Hatah gub ur myon
Ketnas chu maaj chyon?

Kid 2: Mama chu na yatnas wyunkes
Bey Bhaijan chu karan Qulkes

Bu chuz Mama’s saarai khot lakut shur
Magar bu chu na tung karan, bu chuz very good!

Akh doh bu banakh takatwar murdh
Wyunkes te chu na mey gasan dardh

Toiyy dapew mey khay cha daleel

Kyazki Mama has ma ghashuk pheel.

…(to be continued….)



6 Responses

  1. undialogue.blogspot.com

  2. Eid mubarak!

    Please could you translate. My great grandfather came from Kashmir but we no longer speak it. I would like to learn the language!

    Nice blog

  3. Hi Navcity,

    This is just on the humor side, even Kashmiri knowing people don’t get it by reading it…no serious poetry 🙂

    Its just an amalgam of Kashmiri+Urdu+ English…

  4. A real peice of art i must say…
    cant find the “to be continued” part though.
    Please make that entry on the “ON PUBLIC DEMAND” list!

  5. I have been waiting for the continuation, but I wish I could upload it in the voice of the author…:)

  6. Thanks for sharing love reading it

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