Discriminated, Who?

Amarnath Land row surfaced completely different demands in Kashmir as well as in Jammu. While in Kashmir it reignited the azadi agitation, revocation of the special forces act etc. In Jammu people started their protest against their discrimination in the state set up.

Talking about discrimination, personally I see Jammu as more developed and prospering compared to Kashmir. Atleast you can see infrastructural change in Jammu, Kashmir is literally the same except for the fly over which is not even half a mile. I do not know the facts so I would not comment on that aspect. But one aspect of discrimination that is clearly evident is being ignored by everyone.

When Jammu closed for around 40 days, with people defying curfew and roaming on the streets with swords, no one fired at them. But when fruit growers marched on the roads with their fruits, they were showered with bullets. 2 days and 40 people died in Kashmir. Add to that an additional 8 people that were killed in the initial land transfer agitation. Past few days around 8 more were killed including women. That takes the tally to 56 roughly with scores with bullet injuries still suffering.

So firing in Kashmir and not even proper lathi-charge in Jammu, isn’t that discrimination? I saw visuals of people blocking the highway and the police personnel were literally hugging the people away, with lathis nowhere in the scene. And the same day in Kashmir we already hear about 4 casualities. Isn’t this discrimination? The day of Muzaffarabad march around 8-10 army men were beating up one man with “lathis”, poking it in and making sure it breaks the bones of the captured unarmed civilian. While in Jammu police men got injured, banks were burnt down, people were seen chasing away the police, but not a single bullet was fired on them.

Jammu people are crying over the word discrimination. When the special forces act is applicable to the state of J&K, so why this discrimination?  Who has given them this special license to kill in Kashmir? We are killed, we receive bullets and they are crying over discrimination? Aren’t we discriminated when our protestors who hardly have a stone in their hand are showered with bullets and Jammu protestors with swords are let away just like that?

Jammu cable was banned, but it opened up after hours when people beat up some policemen. There are no newspapers in Kashmir, local channels who show the truth and cover what exactly happens in Kashmir are banned. Why?

When peaceful rallies like “Pampore Chalo” and “Eidgah Chalo” were carried out, with lakhs joining the processions and no violence, why this curfew? What is India scared of?

This is just a note for those who can reflect. Just reflect.

Count the casualities in Kashmir and in Jammu and then tell me who is discriminated on humanitarian grounds? Just think !


4 Responses

  1. Amarnath shrine is a symbol of kashmiri culture of communal harmony. The affairs of the shrine and yatra must remain a sole responsibility of the people of Kashmir in order to continue the age old tradition of yatra in harmony. Hindu extremists like Jana Sangh, BJP, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal from Jammu should not be given any role in the management of the shrine for carrying out their communal agenda.
    In terms of the Constitution of J&K (SEC. 25) the Government cannot promote activities of a particular religion or religious activity. Hence the Government should have no role in the management of the Shrine Board. However, it is the responsibility of the Government to provide all the required facilities for people attending functions of religious nature like pilgrimage etc. Hence the Government should own the responsibility for all the facilities and amenities for the yatris including travel, shelter, security, medical facilities, sanitation and last but not the least protection of environment. The role of the Shrine Board should remain sole confined to the religious ceremony, rituals at the shrine proper and finances of the shrine. The Shrine Board should not be allowed to play a negative role of spreading communal hatred, grabbing forest land and destroying environment in the name of religion.
    The Jammu people especially the Hindu extremists, who are spearheading the agitation for having a total control on the economic benefits of the yatra, have no locus standi to be a part of the Amarnath Shrine Board and no such arrangement will be acceptable to the people of Kashmir who are real the guardians of the Amarnath Shrine.
    We have discovered this shrine.
    We are the true guardians of this shrine.

  2. Struggle is all we have. To die and to rise is all we dream.

    The enormity of the enemy does not scare us, it inspires us. Fighting with all the odds against you has become a habit.

    The oppressor can only go down and the struggler can only rise up. That is how the world is.

  3. Z,

    As far as discrimination goes, it seems the great nation which rules over us will never understand what aspirations of people on the ground actually are. They are willing to go by what their stooges tell them. It has been happening for many decades now and I thought the mass public uprising will change the way it thinks about the Kashmiris. But no, the belief was misplaced.

    The patron of NC himself mentioned that the reported suicide by an AYSS supporter was actually due to the fact that the person was neck-deep in debt. Yet how many from the national media tried to see whether there was any truth in the assertion by the Samiti that the deceased committed suicide due to the land deal revocation. Mind you, it was very significant for the agitation in Jammu till then was not at such a high pitch.

    What more proof of discrimination (against Kashmiris) do you need when you have countless deaths in Kashmir valley on a day to day basis. How many agitators were harmed in Jammu, it’s a well known fact. Agitators in Jammu, armed with lathis, tridents and what not… Agitators who looted and plundered yet seem to have come out unscathed. And if this wasn’t enough the promise to release those involved directly with this violent agitation.

    What more can we say. It’s all very obvious and yet no one seems to notice it.

    Juz A Kashmiri

  4. That India is biased against Kashmiris is an overt stark truth for everyone to see. It is a matter of opening one`s eyes. It`s a matter of being true to one`s conscience, for once. Arundhati Roy found the courage to do it, Veer sanghvi did, Swaminathan Iyer managed, as did 59% Indians when they voted in favour of the Azadi test….it just about speaks everything for itself.
    However this is not about Kashmir or Azadi alone. The battle has been raging on for 1400 years and there ain`t a speck of need to get perturbed about it. We know we are on the path of righteousness. To hell with what they think!

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