Yet another Kashmiri blogger!

 I am a common Kashmiri whose feelings represent many fellow Kashmiris, if not all of them.

I feel I have a duty to let others know what a common Kashmiri goes through everyday. My blog ( and blogrolls ) are just ways of dispersing news, views and feelings.

Kashmiri blood is being shed today as it was in the last decade. Apparently no one cares about it. Is human life not valued anymore? Or is a Kashmiri life worth nothing?

I want to know why everyone is silent when innocents are killed in Kashmir.Why does one innocent life anywhere else in India get the attention of the entire nation, whereas an innocent life in Kashmir means nothing to them. Why?

Are we to live under this opression all our lives?


2 Responses

  1. Hello —

    I’m an American journalist based in Srinagar. I write for Kashmir Observer and also do some freelance work for other publications. I’m contacting you because I’d like to do a story on “Kashmir on the Internet” — mainly focusing on Kashmiris that blog about the conflict and what life is like for Kashmiris. I’ve really enjoyed your entries and would like to speak to you. Could we meet and chat, or could I at least ask you a few questions via email?

    Please let me know — your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  2. Greetings. Do take a look at kashmirfilm.wordpress.com
    We’ve linked to your blog

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