Ramadan Mubarak!

Lets thank Allah for giving us yet another opportunity to fast during Ramadan and seek his blessings and forgiveness.

Ramadan Kareem


One Year!

Today, 28th August, my blog turns one!

Happy Birthday my blog 🙂


Long Live the Kashmir cause!!!

“Mehuz chu ghasan pheel”

Author : Cousin of friend…

It is best to hear it in person. Writing does not give the “pheel” of this story/poem.

Whatever it is, enjoy!

This is a mother telling her two kids a story called:

“Mehuz chu ghasan pheel”

Mother: Akh aus aasan zanaan
Temis aus assan makaan
Makaan us muz aus temis bachch
Bachch aus khewan very much

Kya Aus Karan Bachch?

Kid1: Bachch aus khewan very much!
Kids chorus: Much, Much, Much, Bachch aus kewan much!

Mother: Aa, gubur. Weun boze bey.
Yim bachch ye aus khewan much
Timen Mauj aus heshnawun sachch.
Dappan aus, “Myon bachch. Humaish gus wannun sachch.
Sachch seuth chu gassan dil saaph
Bey Khudah Sehb chu karan gunaahun maaph.

Kya Aus Heshan Bachch?

Kid1: Bachch aus heshan sachch!
Kids chorus: Sachch, Sachch, Sachch, Bach aus heshan Sachch!

Mother: Akh leyten aus gharas muz bachch alone
Ekotey aus tim gindun, yel aa hus phone

(in loud voice):

Hatah gubur myon!
Bu chuz chyon maaj sin wyas—
Prone, ha, prone!
Mey chu wannun temis daleel
Magar temis ma ghas ha pheel? (Pause)

Hatah gub ur myon
Ketnas chu maaj chyon?

Kid 2: Mama chu na yatnas wyunkes
Bey Bhaijan chu karan Qulkes

Bu chuz Mama’s saarai khot lakut shur
Magar bu chu na tung karan, bu chuz very good!

Akh doh bu banakh takatwar murdh
Wyunkes te chu na mey gasan dardh

Toiyy dapew mey khay cha daleel

Kyazki Mama has ma ghashuk pheel.

…(to be continued….)


10 years…and no sign!

While talking to a friend today, I got reminded of asking him for an email id of his relative. While figuring out how we knew the same person, my friend mentioned that her father was one of the mystery people. By mystery people Kashmiris mean those people who mysteriously vanished.

Her father had gone to the mosque to pray. But he never returned.

I cannot even fathom the grief, sadness, anger, frustration of the family. You suddenly lose a family member. No, its not death that takes the family member away. Its a mystery. There is no dead body, there is no burial to make the relatives and his near and dear ones believe that the person is no more. But there is this endless wait, which is more than death to the people alive.

But there is a ray of hope, may be he is alive, somewhere, in some corner of this world. But this hope fades away with each day of wait.

I try to imagine, but I cannot. This is not the story of one Kashmiri, such stories are not uncommon. Ask the parents of the disappeared, their kith and kin, they will tell you what it feels like to live a life of uncertainity and loneliness.

Perhaps writing about this is easier than imagining how it feels to live like that. I have no more words.

Time for the Independence Day Of India!

Looks like army is working hard to have Indian Media show that all is well in Kashmir and people are celebrating Independence day of India!

I had heard about people being forced to hoist an Indian flag, but this time some people are getting business out of it! Atleast India is helping in some way!

Between this wasn’t one of the drafts I was talking about earlier, those will follow soon ! This was just need of the hour post! Who knows whose conscience wakes up with this!

Here is a news column from GK :

Hoisting tri-colour imperative on commuters’ vehicles


Handwara, Aug 13: Cloth merchants and tailors are doing brisk business as the demand for tri-colour is increasing with August 15 nearing and each flag is sold between Rs 10-Rs 20.
The spurt in demand is due to overt diktat of Army to public to hoist tri-colour on their vehicles.
“I have sold 200 tricolours during past two days and the demand seems to be increasing as 15th August is approaching,” said Nisar Ahmad, a tailor.
According to commuters moving on Handwara-Varmul route, soldiers at different villages of Handwara and Varmul are leaving no stone un-turned for making sure that commuters hoist a tri colour atop their vehicles ahead of 15th August.
The entire Handwara town wears a tri-colour look as flags are placed atop shops, buses, tippers, cars, tongas, scooters, cycles and even on hand carts.
Commuters alleged that they are being ordered to hoist tri-colours by 30 RR Langate camp, 21 RR posted at Handwara and 33 RR Magam camp.
“I was stopped at three places from Varmul to Handwara by troops for not hoisting tri colour. I was first stopped at Ladoora, Chotipora and then at Langate by troops for not hoisting tri colour on my scooter,” said Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Varmul.
“Our bus was stopped by Army at Ladoora for half an hour for not hoisting tri-colour,” said Irshad Ahmad, a commuter.
Meanwhile, police, paramilitary troops and army has intensified search operations in the north Kashmir townships of Handwara, Sopur, Bandipore ,Kupwara and Varmul.
Army has laid cordon in forest area of Kupwara, Lolab, Rajwar and Handwara. People living near forest areas are ordered not to step out from their homes in the late hours particularly from 7 PM.
Army and police has set up new barricades at different intersections of Handwara, Kupwara and Sopur and are ordering passengers, men women and even school children to get down from vehicles and stand in queues for identification parade. Traffic on busy roads is coming to halt leading to massive traffic chaos.

Two drafts pending.

Am not sure if I have any readers now, since this blog has been so dormant lately. But may be it is a volcano, who knows? The dormant one!

But I have two saved drafts and no time to complete those.

But I will rise again!

Will be back soon!

But I need to be reminded of the same.

Now before I start making no sense.


Long Time!

Its been long since I wrote something.

I visit my blog to see the pic of Tariq Dar yet again! I hope he recovered from his foot paralysis. He flashed into the news, and then disappeared somewhere. Hope he is getting to live in peace wherever he is, since in Kashmir, once being tagged would mean trouble from the army and police for ever. Doesn’t matter if you are innocent.

I got busy with I don’t know what. People get busy, but the onus of letting people know the reality of Kashmir still hovers around me. I stopped reading GK, and as such sealed away from my only source of news from Kashmir. Reasons for that are multiple.

Is it the melancholy of the news that stops me from reading it and getting depressed? I guess not! This is because when I read such news, I get the push to make it known to more and more people, to get the truth out from Kashmir to more people. Not that they are going to help Kashmiris in any way! But still, may be writing out just relieves my heart. I always believe that Kashmiris protest for any untoward incident that happens to any Muslim around the world, but when it comes to Kashmir, no one rises up to protest for our sake. May be that is because of the media in India, which does not expose the real face of Kashmir to the world. Or just because the whole word is in a political and military mess and everyone is hemmed in by their own troubles.

The other reason why I stopped reading GK was probably the kind of articles that appeared in it a few months ago. May be that just triggered it and pulled me back from once being a regular reader of the newspaper.

Whatever it is, something is holding my hands from typing in here. But I will be back InshahAllah and I hope other Kashmiri bloggers will as well.

Revival is necessary. Yembarzal is also on its way, so should we.

Hail !